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Uniden BC365CRS Scanner

Popular with NOAA listeners

Ideal for home use due to alarm & AM/FM radio

We do not offer programming on this scanner

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The BC365CRS is a basic analog base police scanner ideal for users listening at home. This device doubles as an AM/FM clock radio with an alarm. This scanner allows you to listen to NOAA broadcasts, local EMS including police, fire & more.

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G4 & G5 Comparison

Visit our BC365CRS Playlist on YouTube to view more BC365CRS videos including:

Programming & Set Up
Resetting Your BC365CRS (Uniden Created)

Check out these unfiltered videos to hear directly from BC365CRS owners or check out more police scanner radio videos on the Zip Scanners' YouTube Channel.

Specifics & Compare

Analog Police Scanner Radio Comparison

Model Number




Scanner Type


Monitor Digital Phase 2


Monitor Digital Phase 1


Monitor Trunking


Monitor Analog


Monitor Weather & NOAA


Monitor P25, TDMA, APCO-25, EDACS, LTR, Analog Motorola, Digital Motorola


ProVoice EDACS


Frequency Range

25 MHz - 512 MHz25 MHz - 956 MHz29 MHz - 512 MHz25 MHz - 512 MHz25 MHz - 512 MHz29 MHz - 512 MHz

AM/FM Reception


Number of Channels


GPS Capable


Alpha Tag


NAC Decoding


Fire Tone-Out


Location Based Scanning


Close Call/Stalker


Record & Playback


Lit Keypad


Color Touchscreen


Headset & External Speaker Compatible


PC Programmable


Mac Programmable


Easy Programming


Software Included

Not IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedNot Included

USA & Canada Database


Storage (GB)

Not ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable

SD Card


Range (mi.)*


Battery Type

Not ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableAAAAAA

Battery Life**

Not ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable6 hours6 hours8 hours
Size (inches)8.9 x 3.5 x 8.79.2 x 2.7 x 8.36.9 x 8.2 x 2.41 x 5 x 34.3 x 2.2 x 7.31.6 x 2.4 x 5.7
Weight (oz.)40482414.51610


1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year1 year
Key FeatureAM/FM RadioLow CostAM/FM RadioLow CostAlpha TagHandheld


› Antenna (Telescopic & AM Loop)

› AC adapter

› Owners Manual


I need an analog police scanner, why should I buy the BC365CRS?

The BC365CRS is a great weather radio and can double as a radio and alarm clock.

Will the BC365CRS go on sale anytime soon?
We don't know. Uniden does not disclose when they will be dropping prices and even when prices do drop, it is usually only $5 to $10. You can sign up for our emails & we'll keep you posted. Also, we have a best price guarantee.

Buyers Say

› Does not come with software or frequencies pre-loaded.


› Radio Reference is the largest police scanner radio forum with over 850k users. There are several threads about the BC365CRS where just about every question imaginable has been asked and answered by BC365CRS owners.

› Download free BC365CRS Software. While software is not included with this scanner, this is free software that you can use. Download this software for free, set up favorite lists, configure for your area & see if you're comfortable operating before you buy. If you buy, you'll have everything set up & ready to go.

BC365CRS Owner's Manual.


Programming Includes

› Check & install any firmware updates (OS may have updates since production).

› Sync & update frequencies to ensure accuracy.

› Create favorites lists for as many States & Counties as ordered.

› Set clock & date.

› Program with 3rd party software.

› Use national frequency database for frequencies.


Programming Details

With 'One Touch Programming' our technician will program your scanner for your area; all you need to do is simply power your scanner on. Choose as many Counties as you'd like and our scanner technician will create favorites lists for police, fire and EMS in that County using frequencies from a national frequency database. When you choose a County we also program the State that County is in. For example, if you choose Cook County Illinois, we will program Illinois State police, fire & EMS in addition to Cook County police, fire & EMS. If your County is large and you want to listen to a specific City within that County, add this to the notes section. Note programming adds 2 to 3 days to shipping. 



Programming Overview

Programming is the #1 concern of potential police scanner radio buyers. Each scanners' programming is unique & we added how-to's on each scanner product page showing how to program that particular scanner (see above for this model). We recommend following the decision tree graphic below & watching programming videos to determine whether you should have your scanner professionally programmed. 95% of all scanner sales include programming either at purchase or after, when users get frustrated.


Can I Program On My Own?

We created a programming decision tree as well as programming videos (above) to help you decided on whether you should include professional programming with your scanner but we HIGHLY recommend adding programming.


Programming Questions?


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Customer Reviews (11)

A great scanner, easy to use.Review by nightowl
Review Rating
I live in Orillia ont. Canada and have had this scanner for three years now, replacing an old radio shack one. It has been easy to use with great results. With just the pull up antenna I can receive signals up to 25-20 miles away. I have been 100% pleased with it's operation. (Posted on 11/10/2017)
great scannerReview by don
Review Rating
great scanner for listen to local non digital channels! for the price you can't beat it !! only down side is that it doesn't have the 800 freq. (Posted on 1/31/2017)
Cheap optionReview by Hayden
Review Rating
Since this scanner is getting older I decided to buy it as my first cheaper scanner. I have since purchased the TRX-2 which I have found has imporoved range and quality. This scanner is great if you would like the AM/FM radio option with the scanning capability. (Posted on 8/2/2016)
Good scannerReview by Peter
Review Rating
As a ham radio operator , I use this to monitor lots of frequencies that I don't listen to with the ham rigs. Worked fine out of box and delivery was speedy. Good reception and easy to program once you figure out the programming sequence.
(Posted on 9/2/2015)
Excellent Conventional ScannerReview by Brad
Review Rating
This is a reliable basic scanner for conventional scanning. I wish it had a computer interface. Audio is slightly tinny because speaker is small. (Posted on 9/2/2015)
Awesome ScannerReview by Debbie
Review Rating
It works great in our small town. Keeps us informed if there is an emergency. I had never used one before listening to it foe 6 months while living with my dad and step mom. I love it.
(Posted on 9/2/2015)
Great scanner, steep learning curveReview by Jesus
Review Rating
The online documentation/manual is an embarrassment for a high end product like this. Online documentation is a valid medium today, but the content and organization for this product are quite poor.

Having said that, this is a very powerful scanner, and I have no regrets about buying it.

The preloaded frequencies may be of little use to anyone. Bearcat loads a minimum of frequencies with the hope that you will be able to hear something out of the box, but don't count on it.

The easiest and most efficient way to program the frequencies for your area is to download the free software FreeScan and buy a premium membership to [...] ($15 for six months) that allows you to download groups of frequencies for every area and then upload that data to the scanner. The free programming software works great with the Radio Reference database, and you can upload to the scanner in a few seconds. Customizing how you want the scanner to operate is a challenge in itself, but with FreeScan you can save various configurations and always be able to "go back" without losing your data. With FreeScan, most of the buttons on the scanner are not needed as you can do everything much quicker and easier using the software.

While I have not experienced any significant intermod, others report that this scanner has a pretty hot front end with minimal selectivity and can produce intermod in urban areas and especially with an outside antenna. I'm using a discone antenna at about 30 feet with no problem, and I need this over the telescoping whip that comes with the unit to be able to receive some of the 800 MHz police systems in my area. Don't shy away from a decent outside antenna if that's what you need to hear the systems you want to monitor. (Posted on 9/2/2015)
Great Radio...very poor documentationReview by Nick
Review Rating
If you can figure out how to program this radio you will be very happy with it. The sound quality is superior. The problem is the total lack of documentation that makes any sense. As a retired LEO I have been around scanners forever and after a week of pulling my hair out I gave up. I would offer my services to Uniden to write instructions which make sense. It turns out it is not all that complicated if there were step by step instructions. Until someone writes them you WILL need to find someone to program this for you and hopefully show you how to add things later. TIP: When you program it leave it open, meaning it will hear all channels being broadcast at the tower site. If an agency is too talkative push the lock out to eliminate them until you power down the radio. This will allow you to discover all kinds of traffic you might otherwise not know about. When you do this the agency name will not appear but a unique agency number will. Go to to determine who it is and soon you will recognize the number when you see it.
(Posted on 9/2/2015)
Excellent scanner ~ A lot of bang for the buckReview by Chris
Review Rating
Through the years, I've owned a variety of radio scanners, mostly those manufactured by Radio Shack. I also own a hand-held Uniden scanner, so I know that they build a quality product.

This particular scanner offers a lot of bang for the buck. Although I've only used it for a short period of time, so far it's performed flawlessly. I find the service search and weather scan to be extremely useful.

This is a feature filled scanner that will satisfy most, however if you're purchasing a scanner for the first time, in order to get the most out of this unit, you'll need to read the instruction manual thoroughly. This is a conventional scanner, so you won't be able to access some of the channels that are available on more expensive units, however for the price paid and for the average user, this will not be an issue. This unit does not have 800 MHz and dual or triple trunking, a feature that can be very useful, especially for professionals. On the other hand, for the average, but experienced user it's great. Although I can't imagine ever storing up to 500 channels, this has the ability to do so. You do this by storing blocks of 50 channels over 10 banks.

The service search and weather scan are especially useful, as is the ability to pick up all of the audio from your local TV stations. It's especially interesting for me to scan the police bands, than tune to a local TV station to find them reporting on the transmission that I had been listening to earlier in the day. Obviously, this has to be a fairly major police event, but nonetheless it's interesting on the rare occasion when it occurs.

This radio does an excellent job of keeping you right on top of the latest police, fire, public safety, weather transmissions, etc. As with all scanners, once you get the hang of it, it's very difficult to take a break from listening. It can be quite addicting.

This unit has a decent speaker and sounds better than the hand-held units. As mentioned, it does take a little time to figure out how to use it properly, especially if you're not accustomed to using a radio scanner. That's why I can't emphasize enough, how important it is to read through the instruction manual, lest you'll get very frustrated.

For those who need to be constantly in the know, this radio includes an alarm clock, making it perfect for bedside use. I'm finding that it does a fabulous job at scanning through various frequencies at a very rapid rate. This works especially well when you've stored your favorite stations into the channel memory mentioned above. It also has direct channel access if you know precisely what you're looking for. The scanner also includes a conventional AM/FM radio which many bedside users will find to be a nice feature.

The bottom line is that this is a well made and thoughtfully designed radio scanner that is a pleasure to use. I would not recommend it for first time users, as it has more than you'll need. For those who have experience with scanners, this one is an excellent choice. If you're new to using a radio scanner, I recommend a simpler hand-held unit, or if you still desire to purchase something like this, be prepared for a learning curve. Based on my experience with other Uniden scanners and my constant use of this over the past week, I'm rating this 5 stars (Posted on 9/2/2015)
The best scanner you can buyReview by Vance
Review Rating
This scanner is the top of the line for scanning enthusiasts. It is, hands-down, the best scanner ever made. That's a pretty big compliment, I know. But in more than 40 years of "monitoring", this is the most usable, flexible and featured radio I have ever had. It includes digital (P25) capability.

However - if you are expecting instant results or plug-and-play operation, this is not for you. This radio has a learning curve and is truly a hobbyist radio. Having said that, if you are willing to invest the time in learning how the radio works, you will be rewarded with an excellent and enjoyable experience.

For folks new to the hobby, or those who just want to listen to things without programming and details - get Uniden's Home Patrol. It's as simple as putting in your zip code - and you'll be listening. For the BCD996XT (and its handheld relative, the BCD396XT), it will require programming, using the included cable to connect to a computer. You will have to get the software for it - which ranges from Freescan (absolutely free) or Proscan and other paid-for programs. You will also need a source of information - is the best place to get it.

Once you do get the programming down, it's a joy to operate and listen to. One of the limitations modern scanners used to have was bank and channel - everything had to fit in the "blocks" of channels. The DMA (Direct Memory Access) architechture blows those limitations away. Once you have the concept of "systems" and "groups" down, it makes scanning ridiculously flexible. The downside is that you can have so much programmed in your radio that you need a printed guide to remember what is where for the less used things (and the software allows you to print those guides).

I do not use the GPS capabilities, but it's a brilliant concept. Once programmed, the radio can turn systems on and off based on the location your GPS provides. For folks travelling a regular route or commute, for instance, this would switch things on an off according to where they are travelling, such as different highway patrol channels, county sheriff departments or city fire and police. The possibilities are endless (and this is all available in the handheld BCD396XT as well).

If you have deep pockets, do add the handheld BCD396XT to your collection also - having two radios programmed exactly the same is a great sanity saver - they are nearly identical in function, having only slight differences on the keypads.

Either way, this is the best scanner type radio available. There are Radio Shack models that come close, but the Uniden edges them out because of a less complex display. If you don't need the digital capabilities, you can go with the non-digital BCT15X for about 300 cheaper. But when digital comes to your locality, you will be buying a new scanner. (Posted on 9/2/2015)
Great ProductReview by Terry
Review Rating
I'm a newbie, so this is written from that point of view to help anyone who may have also never owned a scanner. Forgive the length but I've tried to include things I wasn't sure about when I was shopping.

First, I suggest going back to read some of the early reviews. Those are what I read during the summer of 2012 when I was shopping. After playing with the iPhone scanner radio apps, I thought it'd be fun to have a "real" one that gives you control and that allows you to hear ALL the local law enforcement and EMS channels.

From what I've read in these reviews and on scanner forums, those who have no experience (like me) as well as those who have decades of experience with many scanners, all can get frustrated with these advanced, programmable radios. The most valuable thing I can say here is this: Be patient. As mentioned in an earlier review, this model is not plug-and-play.

No, the manual isn't the most user-friendly read. No, there are few computers today with serial ports. But there are solutions.

There is much help online for navigating this thing that will help you get started regardless of the manual. I believe others have mentioned this website: It's a world of help. You've got info on local frequencies, an overview of different makes and models, forums with experienced people who are willing to answer questions and even help with going into Windows to troubleshoot cases of your computer and scanner not communicating. Before I ordered the radio, I took a few days and read through quite a bit of that website. Doing that prepared me more than anything else for when I eventually took it out of the box.

I'm sure there are other sites out there...this just seems to be the one that comes up most often. There's a free and a paid membership option. It's not a huge outlay of money ($15/6 months, $30/year). If you're going to spend hundreds of dollars for this radio, I'd recommend going with the paid membership for at least a few months to help get started. It'll give you access to download the database of frequencies for your area. That's a huge shortcut.

To download that database into your radio, you'll need software. There are several out there, including a free one that I've been using, Freescan. It'll let you control and program this from your PC. That's another shortcut and much easier (as opposed to programming it directly from the radio's keypad).

Back to the serial port issue: Your modern PC probably doesn't have them. If you're going to spend several hundred dollars on this radio, the $15-$30 for a Serial/USB adapter isn't a huge deal. In all of the complaints I've read concerning this radio, this is the easiest problem to solve. To me, it's the same thing as having to buy an HDMI cable to hook up a video component to your TV.

I'd like to say it's going to go smoothly from the get-go but you might run into issues. When those come up, you're going to have to be patient. This receiver is not simple but that doesn't make it a bad receiver. When setting mine up, I had to step away for a few minutes when I became frustrated and then come back with fresh eyes. But once you've set up the frequencies you want, you're done.

I've owned it for about six months and have enjoyed hours listening to local calls, from responses to people barricading themselves inside their homes to weather-related accidents. The iPhone app I mentioned earlier...I only thought I was hearing a lot of stuff. Now I'm not limited to what frequencies those apps provide. I live in a small metro with two cities in two different counties. I now hear two sheriff's depts., two police depts. and two fire/EMS depts. That's not to mention the airport, municipal and industrial radio traffic that's out there. Generally, when I see one of the local TV stations make a Facebook post about a situation, I can turn this thing on, hear it in real time and learn much more than from news reports.

I've also taken it on the road and plugged it into the cigarette lighter. It's a great alternative when you get tired of listening to music while driving.

One last thing. I live in an apartment but I went ahead and bought a small, outdoor antenna with my radio order. I made a quick trip to a local supply house and bought a short mast and tripod stand to set it up on the balcony. The included antenna is adequate but the small, external antenna made a world of difference. You'll want to pay attention to detail and make sure you buy any coax-to-radio adapter you might need (if one is not included with the antenna).

Radio, antenna, adapters, website's not cheap but if you like this kind of thing, I think you'll find it worth the money. Since this is my first scanner, I don't have anything to compare it to. But I'll tell you that with my little setup, the reception and audio are both great and I feel like it's giving me everything that's available to the public in my area. (Posted on 9/2/2015)

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