On Set Remtronix Scanner Antenna

  • Best on-set antenna for digital scanners
  • 6+dB gain over the stock antenna (25-50% increase)
  • 7" flexible whip with BNC or SMA connector

Can be used on any police scanner, but excels with 700-900MHz UHF bands. If you have a handheld digital scanner and want to increase reception—look no further—this is the one you need.

While scanner reception varies wildly based on location, topography, frequencies, etc. (anything from a roof, a hill, or a strong breeze can interfere). This antenna should increase reception by 25-100%.

6+dB gain over most stock antennas, 7" flexible whip & BNC connector, 700-900MHz UHF bands.

Choose SMA, BNC, or elbow connector type above.


  • SMA 7" 820S with o-ring (SDS100, BCD436HP)
  • BNC 7" 800B (SR30C, BCD325P2, WS1040, BC125AT, BC75XLT, TRX-1)
  • BNC 8" 830B (base scanners, SDS200, TRX-2)
  • BNC 8.5" 842B (SR30C, BCD325P2, WS1040, BC125AT, BC75XLT, TRX-1)
  • SMA 8.5" 842S (SDS100, BCD436HP)
  • SMA 15" VU100S with o-ring (SDS100, BCD436HP)

SMA 7" 800S - do NOT buy for the SDS100.

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