Have an old police scanner and time for an upgrade?


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Scanner Trade-in Policies

We only take the scanners listed for trade-in. We do not accept crystal scanners, PSR, RadioShack or any products that are not listed.

After completing the form we'll email you about next steps.

Once we receive your scanner our technicians will check your scanner in to make sure all items are included and it is in working order. This takes 1-3 business days after receiving it. Assuming your scanner is accepted we will reach out to you with your Zip Scanners' credit/payment and how to apply.

Please, only complete form if your scanner is in new or good condition, you have all the items it came with (missing box, cables, etc. will reduce price) and your scanner works and is not defective. We will check the scanner once we receive and before issuing credit so please do not send if the scanner does not meet requirements. Any scanner mailed into Zip Scanners that is not accepted is the shipper's responsibility to ship back to themselves.

The prices we pay are not negotiable. If you would like to sell your old scanner on your own here is the guide.

Software upgrade for Uniden scanners? We do not pay more for software upgrades. Why? Like all companies, we do not want to hold inventory longer than we have to. If we take in scanner X with Y and Z upgrades that means we have to find someone that wants those exact things which is hard to do.