Zip Scanners is a police scanner retailer based in Minneapolis.

Since 2013 our #1 goal is to make scanning easy.

We want you shout-from-the-rooftops happy with your scanner.

Our team is here to help you choose the best scanner & provide lifetime tech support after it arrives.

We've helped thousands of others & hope you join our merry little band of scannerheads - read our reviews!

Scanners are all we do & we're here to helpreach out anytime.



Luke paired his scanning hobby with his eCommerce experience to start Zip Scanners in 2013. When he’s not running Zip Scanners, he likes to travel (42 countries visited) & runs (has delusions of running a half marathon).

Favorite Scanner: SDS100. Has 4 total. One for his truck, home, office & cabin. Miiight be overdoing the "market research."

Marketing Manager


Reelika is Zip Scanners' paid media whizz! She runs pretty much everything that includes advertising and strategy. When she’s not working, she runs, does yoga, dreams of dogs, cooks delicious meals, and travels.

Humblebrag: Grew up in Estonia and was one of the 2 million people to hold hands in the Baltic Link that helped gain independence for Estonia.

Operations Manager


Favorite Scanner: SDS100. It's the only handheld he trusts.

Scanner Tech


Favorite Scanner: BCD536HP. He's had it for 4 years and refuses to use anything else!

Scanner Tech


Favorite Scanner: SDS200. He believes it has the best sound/reception quality of any scanner on the market.

Scanner Tech


Favorite Scanner: BCD436HP. "It still works in my neighborhood."

Graphic Designer


Favorite Scanner: SDS100. "It's simply the best. Period."