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Whistler TRX-1 Police Scanner

Whistler's best scanner

NXDN capable

Case & color inserts included

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Lifetime Tech Support

Expert Programming

Best Price, $0 Tax*

#1 Rated Scanner Store




The TRX-1 includes a case with two snap-in inserts in gray and green.

Believe it or not, Whistler is doing more than Apple in terms of protection and color options.

Right up until the Uniden SDS100 launched in June, this was our top selling scanner of 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Customer feedback on the TRX-1 has been overwhelmingly positive.

All of our internal staff sampled this scanner when it launched in 2016...
so that's why our stock count has been off by 5 for nearly three years now(?)

Chat with a TRX-1 expert

Battery & Powering Scanner

The TRX-1 is not powerful enough to charge batteries.

The solution is an external 4 bay AA battery charger, which you can add on this page.

We STRONGLY recommend all buyers add this. Some buy 2 sets of batteries so they always having a fresh set.

Specifics & Compare

Handheld Digital Phase 2 Police Scanner Comparison

Model Number




Scanner Type


Monitor Digital Phase 2


Monitor Digital Phase 1


Monitor Trunking


Monitor Analog


Monitor Weather & NOAA


Monitor P25, TDMA, APCO-25, EDACS, LTR, Analog Motorola, Digital Motorola


ProVoice EDACS

YesWith Paid UpgradeWith Paid UpgradeWith Paid Upgrade


YesWith Paid UpgradeWith Paid UpgradeNo


YesWith Paid UpgradeWith Paid UpgradeWith Paid Upgrade

Frequency Range

25 MHz - 1.3 GHz25 MHz - 1.3 GHz25 MHz - 1.3 GHz25 MHz - 1.3 GHz

AM/FM Reception


Number of Channels

Virtually UnlimitedVirtually UnlimitedVirtually Unlimited25,000

GPS Capable


Alpha Tag


NAC Decoding


Fire Tone-Out


Location Based Scanning


Close Call/Stalker


Record & Playback


Lit Keypad


Headset & External Speaker Compatible


PC Programmable


Mac Programmable


Easy Programming


Software Included

EZ ScanSentinelSentinelNone

USA & Canada Database


Storage (GB)

4 GB8 GB4 GBDynamic

SD Card


Range (mi.)*


Battery Type


Battery Life**

8 hours8 hours8 hours6 hours
Size (inches)1.25 x 2.25 x 5.25N/A2.5 x 6.5 x 12 x 6 x 1
Weight (oz.)12N/A1212


1 year1 year1 year1 year
LaunchedSummer 2016Summer 2018Fall 2013Spring 2015
Key FeatureNXDNSimulcast CapableGPS CapableSoftware not included


4 GB SD Card
› Antenna (Rubber Duck)
miniUSB to USB Cable
› Belt Loop
› Case with green and gray inserts
EZ Scan Software
› 4 AA Batteries NOT Included
AC Adapter NOT Included


How is the Whistler TRX-1 different than the the other phase 2 handheld scanners?

› The TRX 1 & 2 are the only scanners on the market capable of monitoring the NXDN. NXDN is a version of digital phase 2.
› The TRX-1 is the only scanner that comes with a case ($34.99 value) standard. The color inserts are also one of a kind.
› The TRX-1 has several minor technical upgrades that, while not game changing, cumulatively they make the scanning experience more enjoyable and easier.


I need a phase 2 digital scanner, why should I buy the TRX-1?

The TRX-1 was the best scanner on the market (2016- June 2018) and comes with upgrades over older scanners. NXDN is also a long sought after format to monitor and the TRX is the only scanner capable of monitoring this out of the box. The case and colored inserts are nice free add ons to protect your scanner. The overall user experience is great and Whistler continues to roll out new, free updates to their new flagship scanner. As this is our top seller (and the one all our employees own) we make more guides, tutorials and how-to's on this scanner over any other.


When will the TRX-1 go on sale?

We don't know. Whistler does not disclose when they will be dropping prices and even when prices do drop, it is usually only $5 -$10. You can sign up for our emails & we'll keep you posted. Also, we have a best price guarantee.


What’s the difference between the TRX-1 and the BCD436HP?
Go to 'Specifics & Compare' tab to see technical differences or watch this comparison video. The main differences are:

› TRX can charge while powered on; BCD436HP must be powered off to charge.
› Whistler regularly upgrades their scanners for free; Uniden charges $50+ for upgrades.
› Whistler has knowledgeable staff you can call; Uniden does not offer phone support and limited email support.
› BCD436HP came out in 2013; TRX in June 2016. Like all new technology there have been several upgrades.
› TRX has a free case, BCD436HP does not.
› The BCD436HP has been recalled a few times since it launched.


Additional Memory?

You can add a larger memory (SD card) to increase favorites lists and recording space. Recording time by SD card size:

› 4 GB = 12 hours
› 8 GB = 24 hours
› 16 GB = 50 hours
› 32 GB = 100 hours
› 64 GB = 200 hours


How do I remove the case?
It's REALLY on there but it comes off. Remove the color insert before removing the case. this video shows you how to remove .


Can I charge the batteries from the scanner when it is on?

Yes, HOWEVER, this takes a very long time and the batteries will not fully charge. We recommend an external battery charger and 2 sets of rechargeable AA batteries; all of which can be added on this page. This way you can always have a fresh set up batteries. The batteries we sell last about 8 hours on single charge; Energizer/Duracell last about 5 hours.


External battery charger?

The TRX-1 is not powerful enough to charge the batteries we sell (or any battery) to full power. The solution is an external 4 bay AA battery charger which you can add on this page. We strongly recommend all buyers add this and the only reason we do not make mandatory is some already have.


My screen is scratched.

The faceplate is not done with a fine finish and may appear to be scratched but this is how Whistler scanners look. We cannot replace your unit due to the finish on the screen - this is how they ALL look. We are aware that the TRX-1 looks like they are damaged but this is just how they are done. We have brought this up with Whistler for years as it leads to upset users but this is just how Whistler manufacurers them. This is one of the many reasons we recommend Uniden SDS100 the over the TRX-1.


My Battery Life Display is Not Accurate.

The battery display on the TRX-1 does not function properly. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not - the issue comes and goes with software updates from Whistler. This is an issue with the TRX-1 and we have this here to make buyers aware of this issue before they purchase and to state that we will not replace your unit due to this issue. If you are experiencing this issue we recommend making software update, if this does not fix issue, wait till next software update (usually monthly) and make update again.

Buyers Say

› Does not have WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities.
› Does not come with batteries (add above).
› AC adapter is not included (add above).
› Not GPS capable.
› Make sure AA batteries are fully recharged prior to putting into scanner.
› TRX cannot fully charge batteries. We recommend 2 sets of batteries and external battery charger.
› The faceplate is not done with a fine finish and may appear to be scratched but this is how all Whistler scanners look.


Download TRX-1 EZ Scan Software. Download the software that drives this scanner for free. Set up favorite lists, configure for your area & see if you're comfortable operating before you buy. If you buy, you'll have everything set up & ready to go.

TRX-1 Owner's Manual.

› Radio Reference is the largest police scanner radio forum with over 850k users. There are several threads about the TRX-1 where just about every question imaginable has been asked and answered by TRX-1 owners.

YouTube playlist for the TRX-1.

› This Facebook group of TRX owners is private but they are very good about accepting new members, usually within minutes. Good place to chat with folks that actually own the TRX.

Mark's Scanners compares digital scanners.


4 Part Whistler Programming Video Series

#1 How to download and install EZ Scan Software

#2 How to connect scanner to PC

#3 EZ Scan software overview

#4 How to program your area

Police Scanner Programming FAQ

What is 'One Touch Start Up'?

Adding this with programming allows our technicians to make hardware, software & frequency updates prior to shipping your scanner. You can buy only the programming which will give you everything needed to listen in your area but 'one touch start up' ensures a smooth experience right from the start with zero technical know-how. 'One touch start up' is popular with gifts as this allows the scanner to simply 'work' by powering on.


How long does this take?

Programming adds 1-2 additional business days to delivery.


What if this does not work?

We have a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your programming.


How are you so much cheaper than other scanner programming places?

We’re awesome.


Can you program X, Y, Z?

We can program anything that is in Radio Reference. If you have frequencies that are not in Radio Reference, as long as you can put them in a CSV file, we can program them.


What if I need help?

We’re always here to help.


Can I programming this scanner myself?

We created a programming decision tree as well as programming videos (above) to help you decided on whether you should include professional programming with your scanner but we HIGHLY recommend adding programming.


Can't I just punch in my zip code for programming?

When you type in your zip code, it scans EVERYTHING in your area, which is kinda like getting the phone book thrown at you. This is why over 95% of orders include programming & why we highly recommend. Our professional programming filters the junk out so you don't have to listen to things such as the dog catcher, repo guy, power company & such.


How long does programming take?

It takes our scanner tech over an hour to program each scanner & this is ALL he does. For new & moderate scanner users we estimate 3-12 hours of programming. Setup time varies wildly based on scanner, area as well as scanner & general tech familiarity.


Why should I buy programming?

Programming is the #1 reason police scanners are returned. While scanner programming is much easier than the days of crystal scanners, there is a learning curve like any other electronics purchase. While some scanner enthusiasts are highly technical and want to learn the ins and outs of programming, others want their scanner to just ‘work’ right out of the box. 95% of all scanner sales include programming, so unless you’re familiar with scanners, scanner terminology, own a PC (Mac’s do not work), and want to learn the nuances of programming, we highly recommend having your scanner professionally programmed. Scanner technology is fairly user friendly, but scanners are not smartphones or iPads. If you're spending hundreds on a scanner; we recommend springing a few extra bucks so it works right out of the box.


Can't you teach me programming with your lifetime technical support?

No. Lifetime technical support is not unlimited technical support. We are always here to help, love to do so. We made how to videos and can help point you in the right direction, but we will not teach programming.


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Customer Reviews (89)

Awesome!Review by Edward
Review Rating
Purchased this scanner through Zipscanner. First off Zipscanners if a fantastic company! Super helpful, Top notch customer service!! When I received my scanner (I had them program it with 1 county) I had a problem loading that up. I called them and actually got a human after 3 rings. She was super helpful and extremely pleasant to talk to. The Scanner is built like a tank with the included otter box like case. You will definitely want to run rechargeable batteries in this. It takes 4 AA batteries so I just purchased 8 of them and keep 4 in the charger and swap out as needed. I get about 8 hours of continuous run time. My town went digital so my old Uniden BC95XLT just wasn't cutting it anymore. The Audio (speaker) sounds great on this TRX-1. I'll be honest the EZ scan software is not that easy in my opinion, much different than what i'm used to (ARC95) but then again my old Uniden is a toy compared to this TRX-1 !! Again Zipscanners it just a top Notch company who will have my business from hear on in!! (Posted on 5/18/2020)
Love it!Review by Edward
Review Rating
It was time to replace my old analog uniden. After tons of research and a few questions asked and quickly answered by Zipscanners I chose the TRX-1 and glad I did! Its built like a tank and pulls everything I need in digital and analog. Got the upgraded antenna and couldn't be happier!!! Zipscanners customer service is the best I have ever experienced!! First off you get to speak to a real human!! And they truly are there to help. I had a few questions to get up and running. Top notch business they run! (Posted on 5/4/2020)
What a great experience!Review by Julie Phelps
Review Rating
Even before I purchased, I chatted with an associate and asked a lot of questions, which were answered, making me more at ease at my purchase. I then purchased the Whistler TRX scanner for my husband for his birthday. We are very happy with our purchase. It came ready to use right out of the box, just turn on and go. I was very pleased that it came preprogrammed, and is working great....we are both on our local volunteer fire dept and it gives us a bit of a heads up because often law enforcement gets alerted first. Thanks Zip Scanners! We would gladly purchase from you again.
(Posted on 11/27/2019)
richard napieralaReview by richard napierala
Review Rating
Excellent service, asked all my questions in a friendly one on one comfortable way (makes everything easier that way). Great prices and quality products. No need to change anything, Thanks, Richard Napierala. (Posted on 5/7/2019)
L BReview by L B
Review Rating
The day after I ordered my scanner I got a call to make sure of the correct zip code & what I wanted it to scan. It took me a few days to get back to them but they called ever day before they shipped it. After that it did not take long to receive. A few days after we received I was not receiving as many reports as I thought I should, so I figured out it needed just a little more programing but was very easy to figure out by myself. Really love having my scanner back. Could not find a replacement for my old one until I found Zip scanners. Thank You. (Posted on 4/27/2019)
Tim DaleyReview by Tim Daley
Review Rating
Zip Scanners tech support and customer service is the best. Excellent experience. (Posted on 4/23/2019)
A. R.Review by A. R.
Review Rating
A. R. (Posted on 4/23/2019)
.....Review by John Ayer
Review Rating
My scanner arrived programmed as requested and with all of the additional parts I ordered. It is working as expected and I have had minimal difficulty adding frequencies and configuring options. If I have any problems I am sure Zip Scanners support staff will be available to help me. (Posted on 4/23/2019)
WhhfmoxReview by Clark
Review Rating
Greetings! (Posted on 11/30/2018)
Love it!Review by Jeramy
Review Rating
Love it! (Posted on 11/20/2018)
thanksReview by Aly
Review Rating
Thanks - Aly
(Posted on 11/18/2018)
Not for Pros. Review by JPOC
Review Rating
Review of the Whistler TRX-1 from Seasoned Canadian Scanner Users.

This review is from the admins of one of Atlantic Canada's Largest Newschaser / Stringer groups. - Saint John Newschaser; with almost 35,000 members we rely on our scanners to deliver breaking news as it happens to the people of southeast New Brunswick. For some we are the only source of news as TV, Radio, and Print news are never there to cover it. We provide 24 hour coverage on most incidents and fill a large gap that seems to be getting bigger and bigger as traditional media pulls out of our region.

Thus we come to the issue of scanners. For years we have been on an 800 mhz analog trunked system. We've used a many number of scanners, Radio Shack Pro series, Uniden Bearcats etc… including converted surplus radios with the PTT function disabled. It worked great for years. But the local government has been wanting a digital system and has been saying they will change to one for over 3 years now (since 2015). Constantly pushing the date back either due to budget reasons, or other political reasons. One of the 3 of us (Jason) future-proofed himself and got a Uniden BCD436HP over a year ago, when it finally became evident that the push back dates were getting shorter and shorter and shorter and with his industry insight saw that the local government was finally assembling the required assets. Fast forward to September 2018 and our local system changed to a Digital Motorola P25 phase II system. Leaving 2 of the 3 of us radio silent. Enter the TRX-1. When Jason got his Uniden (may of 2017) the TRX-1 wasn’t vetted or even on the market. So Doug and Joseph looked at options with the help of Jason.
BUT Joseph decided to purchase one of the TRX-1’s to see if they lived up the the hype that all these scanner review pages were leaving. (spoilers it did not) He purchased it November 2nd and it arrived on November 8th, and attempted to use the EZ-Scan to program it but gave up. On November 10th he sent it over to Jason...

Jason - A radio technician for broadcast radio systems and has over 25 years experience working with 2-way radio systems and scanners. Also an A+ certified computer technician (certified in 2003)

My Review:
My initial impression of the scanner was mixed. I found it to be just a big square brick. Although it does come with a protective case which is a nice feature i find that it doesn’t make up for the scanners short comings. One shortcoming is the way the scanner is programmed via PC. I’ve worked with many PC programmed scanner and found the TRX-1 EZ-Scan software to be by far the most confusing scanner software to use for programming. The second would be the small rubber duck antenna. Now, with the unit being used in a vehicle (and we know a vehicle will essentially act as a partial faraday cage) that short little antenna would seriously hinder the reception from any P25 site or any other signal. The third shortcoming of this scanner is the simple fact that it only locks into the strongest signal in its area and won’t switch unless it is in range of another stronger signal source. But the way that the P25 system is designed here is there will be communications on different tower sites and with the TRX-1 being locked onto the strongest site you’re missing potentially a majority of communications. (which may not be a hindrance in areas that have a simulcast system where the scanner just locks to the simulcast site) However here we DO NOT have a simulcast site. We have 6 to 7 different P25 tower sites covering this city and surrounding areas. Otherwise it’s a nice design with a nice weight to the scanner, but changes need to be made.
1: being that it needs a volume knob instead of the up and down on the keypad.
2: it needs a full size rubber duck antenna. ( not the stubby antenna provided)
3: is the programming of the scanner and the ability to allow it to scan multiple P25 tower sites without locking onto the strongest and staying there.
4: it needs to have the ability to lock or stay on a particular system or agency. ( if we’re on a fire scene we want to lock the scanner to the fire departments tac channel for the scene and not compete with other communications that are also going on)
5: The unit needs to have option to lock the keypad. We all know that inadvertent key presses do happen and with the ability to lock the keypad this minimizes the chances of that happening.
6: The BNC connector for the antenna. If a scanner of that price and quite literally i would say built to be like a tank, lose the BNC connector for the antenna. Go with the better connection with the SMA connector (which provides a far superior mechanical connection). It provides a far superior connection to the antenna. Thus in turn providing more signal into the scanner with less mishaps of a possibly undone BNC connection. ( yes i’ve seen people lose antennas because over time the BNC connector wears and the mechanical connection is no longer a tight fit.)
7: either provide a decent charging circuit in the design of the scanner or scrap the charging circuit altogether. Charging batteries of 2300ma on the provided charging circuit would take 164.28 hours which is unacceptable.
8: The audio quality and volume of the audio was sub par. I would expect the audio quality to be better and not as high pitched almost piercing, and the volume lacking. An 8 ohm speaker in it with only 500 mW of power. I would expect a 24 ohm speaker with the 500mW of drive at least to get a good loudness out of the unit.


Joseph - He is the youngest of the trio, a professional photographer and the main photojournalist. Has College Diplomas in; Broadcast Journalism, Photography, and Applied Studies (management). Has been using scanners going on 10 years. He is the owner of the Device.

My Review:
Just bought this unit last week from Amazon, it arrived the other day and I attempted to do the EZ-Scan programming by inputting my postal code. Now, That did work, but the database on board was horribly out of date. (I suspect the scanner was packaged months ago) All I was getting was Ambulance NB. After finally getting it properly programmed… With all this hype on the internet about it... It really does not live up to the expectations. Portions of this review are influenced by Jasons technical explanation he gave me, but also a lot of my own views as well.

- Lightweight seemingly durable construction.
- Included bumper case.
- Middle of the road pricing.
-Uses standard AA type batteries, NiMh compatible (4)
- Has all radio systems pre installed, and has lifetime free firmware and system updates.
-Sound quality is good and clear
-Display is good more than adequate for the task. The backlight is BRIGHT almost to bright for night operation in a car.
-Standard Type USB-Mini connector and in theory would take any USB mini cable.
BNC connector on top makes it easy to use any pre existing Multi-band antennas you have.

- Included Database is out of date. You will need manually acquire and interpret any new systems in your area.
- Its volume values are 1-30, at 30 it's really not as loud as I’d like. There's no way being on scene of a fire that I’d be able to hear anything over the on scene noise. Also at 10 it's barely even audible in a silent room 2-3 feet from my head on my bedside table. I need to actually plug it into speakers at my desk so I can hear tone outs when I'm in another room or when gaming to hear over my gaming headset. My Radioshack Pro-95 had little issue with that.
- The volume is controlled by the up and down on the directional pad. Not a dedicated dial. This can lead to entering a menu accidentally with hitting left or right since the pad is a mushy rubber and not a solid plastic. Also there's no positive feedback on the key presses.
- No lock / hold button. There's no way to lock onto a ‘frequency’ or talk group. Example. I hear the FD on Tac 1 for a fire, I want to be able to hold on Tac1 with a single button press or hold. As far as I can tell there's no way of doing that. I want to be able to be driving or on the move, reach over and hit ONE button to stop scanning and stay on that talk group.
- The scanner turns OFF when the power to USB switches on and off. So if the scanner is on at night, and the if the power to the house drops temporarily in a storm; instead of switching over to battery power and staying on in scan or rebooting, you have to manually turn the scanner back on and start scanning - 2 step process. This ‘feature’ makes it incredibly annoying when using the scanner in a vehicle with a USB power supply plugged into the power outlet in the car. Because turning the engine over momentarily interrupts the power.
- As Jason mentioned the device ‘locks’ onto the strongest site, and does not allow me to see what site its on or allow me to scan different sites. This isn't an issue for the few analog departments left. BUT they will eventually be swallowed by the provincewide system. And with this one site scan… ’thing’ it really only limits me to hearing radio chatter for the immediate area around me. I’d like to hear the town 10km east of me, the village 15km west, and the various smaller departments within 20km around us They are still with in our news coverage area. But I'm limited to probably 5km MAX which is no good, since I live in the center of a geographically LARGE city.
- As Jason also mentioned the charge rate of the internal charger is complete garbage. It would take a WEEK to charge the 2300mA Ni-Mh batteries I use. And thus changing the batteries to alkalines or spare charged rechargeables will be a regular occurance. Thus one of the great PROS is now a con… the super tight bumper case (which I would always use) can be a pain to get off. And if you're not careful or are under pressure to get back in action. You might drop the now unprotected radio, batteries or the antenna.

Summary: The TRX-1 may be a great scanner for the average person. Relaxed listeners just wanting something to be in the background to pass the time. It has great potential. But it lacks features that are absolute deal killers for professionals or folks on the go.

I can see how this scanner has become so popular on the US market. But that's only because it works well with US radio systems and their size. But for up here in Canada, particularly in the Maritimes with how the Maritime Public Safety Radio Network [MPSRN] is set up, its no good for us. Which is the reason why most likely within a weeks time, I’ll be reformatting it and returning it for a refund or exchange for a Uniden.


Doug - Studied broadcasting in radio, with a background of covering emergency services for over 25 years as a story writer and a photographer. The official chase driver of the crew.

My Review:
Although I have only had the opportunity to work with this unit one night, for approximately 6 hours, I have found some pros and some cons to it.
As I am the chase driver, I will base my thoughts on the perspective of operating the radio while handling the driving duties en route to a scene.
The Pros-
Great design,
Great protective case,
Very Clear display,
Good sound quality.

The Cons-
Volume control: Not the typical top mounted dial as found on most scanners, the Up/Down arrows imbedded in the keypad make it very hard and dangerous to adjust volume if one is driving to a scene.
When being powered in vehicle by the USB cable, the unit will shut itself off each time the vehicle is turned off or on, thus requiring the operator to again manually go to the keypad to power on.
This unit only has the scan ability to lock in on one tower, thus the most powerful tower signal- in comparison to others which will scan multiple towers that are programmed into the units and therefore not missing a call.
This could be a one off and not the issue with the unit itself: During the testing phase it seemed to drain the full charge of the batteries within minutes-that being said it may be an issue with the batteries,more testing will be needed with new fully charged batteries and maybe a second Whistler unit.

(Posted on 11/11/2018)
InaReview by Ina
Review Rating
Ina (Posted on 10/29/2018)
DWestingsReview by DWestings
Review Rating
Purchased here due to reputation. They definitely deserve the rave reviews I read, they earned one from me also. Exceptional knowledge and procurement of item to me. I got the program 2 counties and one press start options (I’m new to scanners and this is my first one) and in 30 seconds out of the box I was happily scanning my city, with zero issues. Highly recommend, these guys and gals are top shelf. (Posted on 10/24/2018)
greg hohmanReview by greg hohman
Review Rating
You guys know your scanners Good job. Love it. (Posted on 10/23/2018)
Marshall PriceReview by Marshall Price
Review Rating
Marshall BarrowsReview by Marshall Barrows
Review Rating
Marshall Barrows (Posted on 10/16/2018)
Dale MyersReview by Dale Myers
Review Rating
Dale Myers (Posted on 10/2/2018)
rita NASHReview by rita NASH
Review Rating
rita NASH (Posted on 10/2/2018)
Mark LanceReview by Mark Lance
Review Rating
First, I decided after much research the Whistler TX1 Scanner was to be my best choice. The scanner is phenomenal! Its features are outstanding. Although I live very far out in the country I'm able to receive transmissions clearly. At one time, three different agencies(the local police, Tribal Police and the Sheriff's Department) were communicating with one another and I was able to listen to all of them. Very cool! Second, Zip Scanners had the lowest price for this unit. Third but not least, Zip Scanners customer service can't be beat. I've talked with two different Tech's receiving both courtesy and informative answers to my questions. My experience with this company has been nothing short of remarkable! I'm looking forward to my continued business with them. (Posted on 10/1/2018)

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