Police Scanner Programming - Can I Do It On My Own?

People always ask us if they can program their police scanner themselves, to which we always reply, "I don't know...can you?"

Just kidding! We don't say that. But we do understand the impulse to want to program your scanner yourself. It saves money, gives you greater control over what your scanner will pick up, and is actually kind of fun once you get the hang of it. To help you decide whether or not you can program your police scanner by yourself, we made this trusty, simple, yet very effective chart. Give it a look!

Police Scanner Programming | Can I Do On My Own?

Still not sure?

Programming is the #1 concern of potential police scanner buyers so you’re not alone. 

Who wants to buy something that may not work? Programming each scanner is unique so we have videos on each scanner product page on how to program that particular scanner so you can watch and see if you feel comfortable doing it on your own. Another option is to have us professionally program your police scanner so it will work right out the box. Over 75% of all scanner orders include programming. We also have a police scanner programming service where we can program any scanner, regardless of where you purchased.

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