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Uniden BCT15X Radio Scanner

Only base/mobile trunking scanner on the market

We do not offer programming on this scanner

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The Uniden BCT15X was launched in 2009, the BCT15X has been a popular scanner for years.

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G4 & G5 Comparison

Visit our BCT15X Playlist on YouTube to view more BCT15X videos including:


Check out these unfiltered videos to hear directly from BCT15X owners or check out more police scanner radio videos on the Zip Scanners' YouTube Channel.

Specifics & Compare

Digital Phase 1 / Trunked Police Scanner Radio Comparison

Model Number




Scanner Type


Monitor Digital Phase 2


Monitor Digital Phase 1


Monitor Trunking


Monitor Analog


Monitor Weather & NOAA


Monitor P25, TDMA, APCO-25, EDACS, LTR, Analog Motorola, Digital Motorola


ProVoice EDACS


Frequency Range

25 MHz - 1.3 GHz29 MHz - 1.3 GHz29 MHz - 1.3 GHz

AM/FM Reception


Number of Channels


GPS Capable


Alpha Tag


NAC Decoding


Fire Tone-Out


Location Based Scanning


Close Call/Stalker


Record & Playback


Lit Keypad


Color Touchscreen


Headset & External Speaker Compatible


PC Programmable


Mac Programmable


Easy Programming


Software Included

Not IncludedNot IncludedNot Included

USA & Canada Database


Storage (GB)

Not ApplicableDynamic memoryDynamic memory

SD Card


Range (mi.)*


Battery Type

Not ApplicableNot ApplicableAA

Battery Life**

Not ApplicableNot Applicable8 hours
Size (inches)10.4 x 3.4 x 8.25.3 x 7.3 x 2.21.6 x 2.6 x 5.7
Weight (oz.)4541.625


1 year1 year1 year
Key FeatureOnly trunking scannerBase/MobileHandheld


› AC Adapter

› DC Adapter
› Mounting Bracket
› Three-wire Harness
› Quick Start Guide

› Antenna

› CD Manual

› Serial Programming Cable

› Owners Manual


I need a trunking scanner, why should I buy the BCT15X?

The BCT15X is the only base and mobile trunking police scanner radio on the market.

Will the BCT15X go on sale anytime soon?
We don't know. Uniden does not disclose when they will be dropping prices and even when prices do drop, it is usually only $5 to $10. You can sign up for our emails & we'll keep you posted. Also, we have a best price guarantee.

Buyers Say

› You can add frequencies manually.

› GPS capable but you must buy GPS receiver for this to work (add on this page).

› Does not come with software or frequencies pre-loaded.


› Mark's Scanners is an excellent website which has a very detailed digital owner's guides for all police scanner radios including the BCT15X. We highly recommend this page to all BCT15X owners (and potential owners) as it loaded with how-to's, screenshots and more.

› Download free BCT15X Software. While software is not included with this scanner, this is free software that you can use. Download this software for free, set up favorite lists, configure for your area & see if you're comfortable operating before you buy. If you buy, you'll have everything set up & ready to go.

BCT15X Owner's Manual. This is the official BCT15X owner's manual but we highly recommend Mark's Scanners BCT15X guide over this.

› Radio Reference is the largest police scanner radio forum with over 850k users. There are several threads about the BCT15X where just about every question imaginable has been asked and answered by BCT15X owners.

› There are Yahoo Groups for every police scanner radio including the BCT15X.

› Radio Reference has a wiki page for each scanner including the BCT15X.

› eHam has several customer reviews of the BCT15X.


Programming Includes

› Check & install any firmware updates (OS may have updates since production).

› Sync & update frequencies to ensure accuracy.

› Create favorites lists for as many States & Counties as ordered.

› Set clock & date.

› Program with 3rd party software.

› Use national frequency database for frequencies.


Programming Details

With 'One Touch Programming' our technician will program your scanner for your area; all you need to do is simply power your scanner on. Choose as many Counties as you'd like and our scanner technician will create favorites lists for police, fire and EMS in that County using frequencies from a national frequency database. When you choose a County we also program the State that County is in. For example, if you choose Cook County Illinois, we will program Illinois State police, fire & EMS in addition to Cook County police, fire & EMS. If your County is large and you want to listen to a specific City within that County, add this to the notes section. Note programming adds 2 to 3 days to shipping. 



Programming Overview

Programming is the #1 concern of potential police scanner radio buyers. Each scanners' programming is unique & we added how-to's on each scanner product page showing how to program that particular scanner (see above for this model). We recommend following the decision tree graphic below & watching programming videos to determine whether you should have your scanner professionally programmed. 95% of all scanner sales include programming either at purchase or after, when users get frustrated.


Can I Program On My Own?

We created a programming decision tree as well as programming videos (above) to help you decided on whether you should include professional programming with your scanner but we HIGHLY recommend adding programming.


Programming Questions?


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Customer Reviews (7)

BCT15XReview by Jace
Review Rating
Great scanner with a learning curve. While some may not like the learning curve, I actually enjoy finding something new while I explore the different features. (Posted on 8/2/2016)
Very easy nice scannerReview by Kal
Review Rating
Most comments say. " cannot seem to program it " anybody with sense can go on YouTube and have all 99 channels if desired programmed. Very easy nice scanner. Loud volume. Picks up nicely. Great scanner all in all. (Posted on 9/1/2015)
good price for scannerReview by Joseph
Review Rating
It worked like I expected it to. I knew it wasn't going to be as simple as they were many decades ago. (Posted on 9/1/2015)
5 starReview by Sarah
Review Rating
husband is a retired officer and can still keep up with the local town events, (Posted on 9/1/2015)
Great uniden scannerReview by Harry
Review Rating
Works great. Clear sound and easy to operate. Used as a stationary unit. (Posted on 9/1/2015)
A Priceless Tool for Your Emergency Toolbox When You Live in Wildfire Country! - And The BCT15X is the Perfect Choice!Review by Oren
Review Rating
Couldn't be more pleased with this excellent radio! Programming though time consuming at first to perform using the front panel controls, (We are a Macintosh Family and NO Mac Software Included) but literally in less than 5 minutes spent with the "Online Owners Manual" I was blazing through my laundry list of Cal Fire and National Forest Service frequency lists and adding them into the radio's handy groups and sub-groups sections.

Child's play is how I would describe the programming process, so I find it strange to read complaints about the programming process being too difficult. (I picture a VCR nearby flashing 12:00 as these folks pen their misleading commentaries about this product being too difficult to use!)

Like I said... Once you learn the process and the scanner's user interface/controls, it all makes perfectly good sense and although it would have been nice to have a computer to type in all the scanner frequencies and flash them over to the unit with one command, you DO NOT NEED a computer to program this radio!

Regarding the design and layout of the frequency entry... Being able to place CUSTOM NAMES onto every frequency you add to the radio, and being able to group them together based on the agency (s) that use those frequencies is great too! This, unlike using an internet based re-broadcaster, allows us to SEE who is transmitting at any given time. And in addition to the user programmable frequency sections, you also have the "Pre-Set" buttons for Police/CHP/Municipal Agencies etc. as well.

Living up here in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, now better known as Wildfire Central, it has become almost mandatory to own a scanner like this in order to receive REAL TIME Wildfire related news and information as it happens. And coming directly to our ears via the actual fire crews and dispatchers working on the latest Wildfire in our area.

We actually purchased this radio two days before "The Willow Fire" broke out less than 8 miles from our house, and our new radio proved its worth 100 times over in what became a literal trial by fire product review period! :o)

Reception Impressive Considering Our Location But a Loaded Whip and/or Discone Mast Mounted Antenna is Even Better!

The included WHIP antenna works reasonably well in our location, but we also purchased an Indoor Telescopic Scanner Antenna for use in the backyard when we take the radio out onto the patio to listen outside as we watch the air tankers do their thing! And for base station type use indoors and the best reception performance possible, we purchased and installed a Super Discone Outdoor Antenna on a 20 foot mast.

This commercial grade antenna installation allows us to pull in BOTH sides of the conversation between Cal Fire, the Forest Service Local Dispatchers, air to ground commands, fire suppression aircraft, and the battalion crews actually on the fire line in rugged and remote areas where their transmitting ability is limited. Having a quality Super Discone Antenna makes a HUGE difference in listening in to the ENTIRE Wildfire suppression effort. Which for us isn't simply a form of entertainment, but could quickly turn into a life and death drama for ourselves and our friends and neighbors!

Our only regret is that we waited this long to finally buy one of these! But we are VERY GLAD that the brand and model we chose proved itself to be the perfect choice for us! (Posted on 9/1/2015)
so far, so goodReview by Vance
Review Rating
This scanner works great so far. I haven't been able to explore all of its capabilities yet. But I am happy with it so far. (Posted on 9/1/2015)

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