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Police scanners can be complicated; our goal is to make scanning easy. Peruse articles below that answer juuuust about any question.

Buying Guides

Police Scanner Buyer’s Guide

Step-by-step guide to buying a police scanner for every situation.

NASCAR & Race Scanner Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to know to buy a scanner to hear all the action at the races.

Railroad Scanner Buyer’s Guide

Railfans can find the best scanners, frequencies & more.

Aviation Scanner Buyer’s Guide

Complete commercial & military aviation scanning guide.

Police Scanner Antenna Buyer’s Guide

Guides for home, vehicle & on-set antennas.


FAQ After Purchase

99% of all questions after purchase are answered on this page.

Zip Scanners’ Blog

View our latest articles and catch up on scanning news on our blog.

What’s the Best Police Scanner?

Find the ideal scanner for every situation from our police scanner experts.

The 125 Best Police Scanner Websites

View the top police scanner websites including links to forums, educational sites, videos, regional & international groups & more.

Are Police Scanners Legal?

Yes, police scanners are legal to own & operate in the US with restrictions in a few states.

Police Scanner Encryption Explained

Review of what encryption means, areas affected & the issues surrounding encryption.

Key Police Scanner Concepts & Overview

Police scanner lingo can get technical & confusing quickly.

How to Sell Your Old Police Scanner

Is your old police scanner worth anything? Find out how to sell your old scanner & get the most money.


Can I Program a Police Scanner On My Own?

A decision tree to help you decide whether to have your scanner professionally programmed or if you can do on your own.

How to Program Your Police Scanner

Everything you need to know to program your police scanner including software comparisons, reviews & more.

How to Program a Whistler Police Scanner

Step-by-step videos on how to program a digital Whistler police scanner using EZ Scan Software.

How to Program a Uniden Police Scanner

Step-by-step videos on how to program a digital Uniden police scanner using Sentinel Software.

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