I need a digital scanner, why should I buy the WS1040?

The WS1040 is the only Whistler phase 1 handheld digital scanner, so if you're not a fan of Uniden (the other scanner manufacturer), then this is the scanner for you.

Will the WS1040 go on sale anytime soon?

We don't know. Whistler does not disclose when they will be dropping prices and even when prices do drop, it is usually only $5 to $10. You can sign up for our emails & we'll keep you posted.

What’s the difference between the WS1040 and the old GRE PSR 500?

Not much. Whistler bought GRE in 2013 and relaunched all the existing GRE scanners under new model numbers. So the PSR 500 turned into the WS1040.

Can I charge the batteries from the scanner when it is on?

Yes, HOWEVER, this takes a very long time and the batteries will not fully charge. We recommend an external battery charger and 2 sets of rechargeable AA batteries—all of which can be added on this page. This way you can always have a fresh set of batteries. The batteries we sell last about 8 hours on single charge—Energizer/Duracell last about 5 hours.

What do WS1040 buyers say?
  • 4 AA batteries are not included.
  • WS1040 is not GPS capable.
  • The WS1040 is basically the old GRE 500, so when looking for videos and reviews, this will help in your search.