Redo Programming

  • Go to this page to buy programming.
  • Bought programming, it worked, you did not back up & now it's gone? This is for the replacement programmed SD card.
  • This product is ONLY for customers that have previously bought programming from us.

This item is ONLY for customers that bought programming from Zip Scanners, it worked, no backup was made and, for whatever reason, the programming we did is now gone.

Buy this product and we will ship you a new SD card exactly the same as what you had previously. We charge for 1 County of programming regardless of how many counties you have. We cannot redo for free as we have to supply a new SD card, shipping and time to reprogram your card.

When we originally shipped, we sent details on how to backup and we recommend doing so to avoid this. We cannot redo for free under any circumstances.

How long does this take?

You will receive your card 2-4 business days after you order; shipped via USPS from Minneapolis, MN.

What if this does not work?

Call us.

Can't you just do for free?

No. Sorry, but shipping, SD cards, and programming takes time and money. We recommended that you backup your programmed files on several emails after purchase.

Just one cost?

Yes, regardless of how many counties you bought, we charge one flat fee for redoing programming. 

I want something different this time.

We can do this but you must buy regular programming. This page is ONLY for an exact copy of what you bought originally.

Additional Memory?

You can add a larger memory (SD card) to increase favorites lists and recording space. You will get a 4 GB SD card unless you choose a larger SD card on this page. Recording time by SD card size:

  • 2 GB Card = 6 hours
  • 4 GB Card = 12 hours
  • 8 GB Card = 24 hours
  • 16 GB Card = 50 hours
  • 32 GB Card = 100 hours
  • 64 GB Card = 200 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

Does not work in Honolulu, Hawaii


Doesn’t work in Honolulu, Hawaii


Just turn it on and it works!

Really Easy Ordering Process

Selected my 3 counties and got my TRX-1 with a little guide to access scanlist. Real experts!

Effortless Programming

Ordered just programming via email and it was sent the same day and works like a charm. Should have chose them sooner.

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