Programming is the #1 concern of potential police scanner buyers. Each scanners' programming is unique & we added how-to's on each scanner product page showing how to program that particular scanner.

We recommend following the programming decision tree & watching programming videos to determine whether you should have your scanner professionally programmed.

All scanners we sell offer programming & we can program any police scanner. 90% of all scanner sales include programming either at purchase or post sale.

One Touch Start Up

Adding the one touch startup along with programming allows our technicians to make hardware, software & frequency updates. There is a lag from production till when you get your scanner and with the 'one touch start up' our technicians will make all updates.

You can buy only the programming which will give you everything needed to listen in your area. The "One Touch Start Up" is popular with those that do not have access to a computer, those that buy as a gif or those that just want their scanner to "work" without having to do anything but power on. Note that the "One Touch Start Up" may add 2 days to delivery.