Not for tenderfoot scanner users. The BCD996P2 is the only digital base and mobile police scanner that comes without software and frequencies. While it’s a great scanner that has awesome features like GPS, we only recommend it for scanner pros. Think of yourself as David and this scanner Goliath, except in this version David doesn’t win. I mean, you could figure it out, but wouldn’t you rather spring the extra $50ish and get an easy-to-use scanner?

Are you a scanner pro who finds software and frequency lists unsophisticated? Then this is a very good scanner. You will be satisfied. With over 25,000 channels and dynamic memory, you’ll find a place in your amateur arsenal, and your heart, for the BCD996P2.

The reason this scanner costs less than similar models is because it does NOT include software or frequencies. We recommend the Whistler TRX-2 if you're looking for an easy to use, base/mobile scanner. We do not provide tech support on this scanner as it is difficult to operate and we do not recommend buying unless you are very familiar with scanners, scanner programming, and technology in general.