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Cheap Police Scanner Guarantee

We continuously update our pricing to ensure we offer the lowest prices. We don't believe shoppers should have to scour the internet for hours on end to save a few dollars. We get it, you're busy and it's not fun to buy new gadgets only to learn you overpaid. We want you to be able to shop Zip Scanners and relax, knowing you're getting a good, fair price on everything you purchase. We have offer free shipping, free programming and no taxes on all orders.

What Qualifies?


Apples to Apples

The product must be a matching brand and be the same model to qualify. Shipping and tax is also included in the final price match. You will have to find the final price of the comparable product after all fees are added in.


Available to Buy

We match any retailer but you have to be able to buy the product. Out of stock products or websites that are no longer operational, or your friends blog (has happened) do not count.



› Price matching can not be paired with other offers.
› Offer does not apply to products that have already shipped out.

My Offer Qualifies, Now What?

1. Copy link to the product
You will have to navigate back to the page you found the cheaper product. You might have to add that product to the shopping cart in order to find the price after shipping and tax.

2. Shoot Us the Link
No hoops to jump through - just ping us the link here and we'll take a peek immediately.