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Grounding Kit for Outdoor Antenna

› Everything you need to ground your outdoor antenna

› Ultra easy to set up

› Protects your home

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This kit provides you with everything you need to ground your antenna with zero technical know-how. Set-up will take no more than 15 minutes. Grounding your outdoor antenna is important for protecting your home.  Basically, you need to put 2 clamps on with a wrench and push one 3-foot stake into the ground. This kit comes with 3 stakes, but only one needs to be used. These materials work with any outdoor antenna, including all scanner antennas we sell. This is a safety item that should be used on all outdoor antennas. It protects against electrical shorts and lighting strikes. A ground antenna provides a lower path to a safe discharge point. Grounding the antenna will also "drain off" electrical noise, which leaves a cleaner signal.


  • 1/2" ground clamps - 3 included
  • 3' 1/2" D galvanized grounding rods - 3 included
  • 50' spool of 12.5 gauge aluminized steel ground wire - 1 included

Antenna grounding laws & rules vary greatly depending on the state/city you live in and your homeowners insurance policy, but this kit will have you covered. Some states do not require antenna grounding, but you are putting a metal rod on your home, which will act as a lightening magnet. We highly recommend grounding your antenna.


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Customer Reviews (3)

Jesus DacalReview by Jesus Dacal
Review Rating
Great service, great web site and prompt shipping. Really liked transacting with this team! (Posted on 4/23/2019)
Good product, does the job.Review by Nate
Review Rating
Good product, does the job. Note that you can put these in horizontally or slanted, which is critical for rocky soil - I can't get these rods in deeper than 3 feet straight down, but they almost always go right in horizontally. They are also easier to sledgehammer in that position. Dig a small hole around 4 inches deep. Insert the rod horizontally or at a slight slope into the ground from the hole until they can't be pushed by hand. Put a rock to under the rod to hold it up, straddle the rod and use the sledge to hammer it the rest of the way in. Having most of the rod 6-8 inches under the ground seems to work fine.
(Posted on 7/8/2016)
Works wellReview by Nick
Review Rating
As a ham radio operator, I've sunk my share of grounding rods over the years. Typically you have a 9' long copper clad rod and spend the better part of a day digging and hammering. In the end, I almost always end up bending the upper part of the rod over and burying the last couple of feet that way.

This kit comes with three 3' rods, cable clamps, and a good amount of grounding wire (sorry, I never measured the full length, but there was more than double what I needed.)

My typical rocky New England soil makes any ground spike difficult to install. Unfortunately, this kit did not come with any instructions, so I'll provide some here.

You still need to dig a hole. I dug mine roughly a foot wide, two feet long and a foot deep.

In that hole I turned on the hose until I had a nice puddle. I've found that this helps to get ground spikes started. While you have a puddle (and refill as needed) start hammering the rods in using a small sledge. My favorite for this is a 3lb hammer as it is easier to wield.

Keep hammering until you get the tops of the rods below the ground. Don't be surprised if you need to try several times as you hit rocks and such. You might also need to hammer at an angle due to ledge. Be warned, pulling out a spike that is pounded deep is not easy. You might find you need to just bend it over - if so, dig the hole to bend it into and go for it.

Once all the spikes are below grade (one way or another) run the ground wire from each. The wire goes in the clamp opposite from the screw. I like to wrap the wire several times around the clamp. To do that you need to start with the rod closest to the building and do each one at a time making sure to leave plenty of slack to reach and wrap the other rods. Once you have the rods wired, run the wire to the building and up to grounding block.

Bury everything the best you can. ideally you should not see anything until the wire comes up near the building to the grounding block.

This kit provides an easy way to get a full 9 feet of rod in the ground with minimal effort. The supplied parts are of good quality and should do the job for years to come. I would not use this as a primary ground for a building's electrical system, but for added antennas, it is a very good solution to a very difficult problem. (Posted on 7/8/2016)

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