On Set Remtronix Scanner Antenna

  • Best on-set antenna for digital scanners
  • 6+dB gain over the stock antenna (25-50% increase)
  • 7" flexible whip with BNC or SMA connector

Can be used on any police scanner, but excels with 700-900MHz UHF bands. If you have a handheld digital scanner and want to increase reception—look no further—this is the one you need.

While scanner reception varies wildly based on location, topography, frequencies, etc. (anything from a roof, a hill, or a strong breeze can interfere). This antenna should increase reception by 25-100%.

6+dB gain over most stock antennas, 7" flexible whip & BNC connector, 700-900MHz UHF bands.

Choose SMA, BNC, or elbow connector type above.

Two Versions of SMA?

We ONLY sell the SMA 820S with the O-ring. There are two versions of the Remtronix SMA antenna: with O-ring (820S) and without O-ring (810S). Besides this, they are exactly the same and get you to the same place. We have tested both and there is virtually no difference beyond a rubber seal within the antenna casing.

An older version of the SMA (800s) Remtronix antenna would not screw flush with the pin, leading to intermittent signal, but this is no longer an issue. Remtronix updated the SKU specifically to accommodate the Uniden SDS100.

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