BCD160DN Uniden Police Scanner

  • Do not buy if you are not very familiar with scanners
  • Software & frequencies not included
  • For advanced users with custom programming needs
  • Lifetime tech support does NOT apply to this scanner due to complexity of use
  • Expert programming is not available due to complexity
  • Trade-in your old scanner
  • Check Amazon price; buy here for free shipping, no tax* & lifetime tech support.

We’ll keep updating this page with videos/images/guides, so subscribe and we’ll drop you a line as new content becomes available. We expect the BCD160DN to be our top-selling handheld non digital scanner for the next few years, so we’ll work to create a variety of content to help you get the most out of your BCD160DN.

      Will the BCD160DN work in my area?

      Are you a railroad and aircraft aficionado? If you are, the BCD160DN and BCD260DN might just be what you’re looking for in a conventional Analog Scanner with NXDN and DMR already updated.
      Still a bit confused? 

      Don't worry, we'll help you find the perfect scanner for your area.

      Start here.

      Our experts will research your unique area for free & tell you exactly which scanner(s) will work for you.

      Why should I buy the BCD160DN?

      Uniden’s newest release of scanners with the BCD160DN and BC260DN as an upgraded version of the BC125AT makes this scanner perfect for anyone interested in Nascar, Railroad, Air traffic control, weather alerts etc. With programming capabilities of 1000 channels and 10 banks(100 channels per bank), this is recommended to those that will use multiple channels for nascar, aviation and railfans. 

      Can I charge the batteries from the scanner when it is on?

      No. You must power off the scanner to charge. We recommend an external battery charger and 2 sets of rechargeable AA batteries; all of which can be added on this page. This way you can always have a fresh set of batteries. The batteries we sell last about 8 hours on a single charge; Energizer/Duracell last about 5 hours.

      Will the BCD160DN be released anytime soon?

      Uniden has scheduled the release for the first quarter this year(2024). We expect to have confirmation by the end of February or early March and have already started taking backorders. 


      What do buyers say?
        Compare Non-Digital Police Scanners

        Model Number

        BCD160DN BCD260DN SR30C BC125AT BC355N BC365CRS


        Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden


        No No No No No No


        Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

        Weather & NOAA

        Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

        ProVoice EDACS

        No No No No No No


        Yes Yes No No No No


        Yes Yes No No No No

        Frequency Range

        25 MHz - 960 MHz 25 MHz - 1300 MHz 29 MHz - 512 MHz 25 MHz - 956 MHz 25 MHz - 512 MHz 29 MHz - 512 MHz

        AM/FM Radio

        No No No No Yes Yes


        1000 1000 200 200 500 200


        No No No No No No

        GPS Capable

        No No No No No No

        Alpha Tags

        No Yes No No No No


        No No No No No No

        Fire Tone-Out

        Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

        Location Based

        Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

        Close Call/Stalker

        Yes Yes No No No No

        Record & Playback

        No No No No No No

        PC Program

        Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

        Mac Program

        No No No No No No

        Software Included

        Yes Yes No No No No

        USA & Canada Database

        TBD TBD No No No No

        Storage (GB)

        Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable

        SD Card

        No No No No No No

        Range (mi.)

        30mi. 30mi. 30mi. 30mi. 30mi. 30mi.
        Battery Type AA Not Applicable AA AAA Not Applicable Not Applicable

        Battery Life

        6 hours Not Applicable 6 hours 6 hours Not Applicable Not Applicable
        Size (inches) 9.5x8x9.25 11.5x12x17.5 1.6 x 2.4 x 5.7 9.2 x 2.7 x 8.3 8.9 x 3.5 x 8.7 6.9 x 8.2 x 2.4
        Weight (oz.) 16.4 33.5 10 48 40 24


        1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
        Launched 2024 2024 2019 2012 2011 2012
        Key Feature DMR & NXDN DMR & NXDN Handheld Low Cost AM/FM Radio AM/FM Radio
        1. BCD160DN Scanner
        2. AA Rechargeable Batteries
        3. Antenna
        4. USB Cable
        5. Hand Strap
        6. Owner’s Manual

        Looking to deeeep dive?

        We’re still learning more about the BCD160DN but we are searching through the internet to find out as much as we can about it!

        Trying to get an early access view at the manual? You can find the manual here.

        Here is the Radio Reference forum links with all discussions about the BCD160DN and the BCD260DN. Radio reference is the largest police scanner radio forum with over 850K members.

        Want to know what others are saying? You can view the live stream for Youtuber Train Aficionado here. It covers the manual and current expected specifications on both the BCD160DN and BCD260DN. 

        Uniden has released the spec sheet for the BCD160DN which you can view here.

        There should be free programming software with the launch of the BCD160DN which we will share the link for when available and our hands-on video tutorials is expected by the end of March. 

          Deep dive on programming here.

          We HIGHLY recommend letting our experts program your scanner.

          Programming issues are, by FAR, the #1 reason for...

          • Returns
          • 99% of any negative comments about any scanner you'll read while researching
          • 99% of any negative comments about us
          • 90% + of all support questions
          • Our receding hairlines

          Basically, you're about to spend hundreds of dollars on a snappy new gadget, might as well spring a few extra bucks so it will actually work right out of the box.

          What is programming?

          Scanners work like AM/FM radios in that they pick up airwaves based on a set of specifics frequencies. But unlike a radio there is not the simple 'seek' and 'save' feature on a scanner. Also, the frequencies are wildly different based on where you live and what you want to listen to.

          What, specifically, do I get with expert programming?

          For each county you purchase, our experts will program the following:

          • State police, fire & EMS
          • County police, fire & EMS

          Add as many counties as you'd like.

          When your scanner arrives, the programmed data will be on your scanner in easy to navigate lists.

          What if your programming does not work?

          100% money back guarantee on programming.

          Can you program X, Y, Z?

          We can program anything in Radio Reference, the world's largest & best frequency database. 

          What if I need help after you program?

          We’re always here to help with our lifetime tech support. 

          Why should I buy programming?

          Programming is the #1 reason police scanners are returned.

          While scanner programming is much easier than the days of crystal scanners, there is a learning curve like any other electronics purchase. While some scanner enthusiasts are highly technical and want to learn the ins-and-outs of programming, others want their scanner to just "work" right out of the box.

          95% of all scanner sales include programming, so unless you’re familiar with scanners, scanner terminology, own a PC (Macs do not work), and want to learn the nuances of programming, we highly recommend letting our experts program your scanner.

          Scanner technology is fairly user friendly, but scanners are not smartphones or iPads. If you're spending hundreds on a scanner, we recommend springing a few extra bucks so it works right out of the box.

          Can't you teach me programming with your lifetime technical support?


          Lifetime technical support is not unlimited technical support. We made "how to" videos and can help point you in the right direction, but we will not teach programming.

          How long does your expert programming take?

          We usually get this out same day, but it can add 1-2 business days to your shipment.

          Can I program this scanner myself?


          We created a programming decision tree, as well as programming videos, to help you decide whether you should include expert programming with your scanner. With that said, we HIGHLY recommend adding the expert programming to your purchase to save time and spare yourself potential aneurysms.

          Can't I just punch in my zip code for programming?

          Yes, however...

          When you punch in your zip code, it scans EVERYTHING in your area, which is kinda like getting the phone book thrown at you.

          With our expert scanner programming, we filter out the junk so you don't have to listen to things such as the dog catcher, repo guy, power company & the like.

          How long will it take me to program on my own?

          It takes our scanner tech anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to program each scanner...and this is ALL he does.

          For new & moderate scanner users, we estimate 3-12 hours of programming. Setup time varies wildly based on scanner, area and general tech familiarity.

          What software comes with the BCD160DN?

          The Uniden BCD160DN comes with Sentinel software like other Uniden scanners, including the:

          While there is a version of Sentinel software for each scanner, they operate the same. The BCD160DN includes Sentinel software (download free BCD160DN software here). Watch our Uniden Sentinel software programming video here or above in the video gallery.

          Any self-programming tips?

          We recommend downloading the software before you buy to test drive.

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