Will the SDS100 work in my area?

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Why should I buy the SDS100?

The SDS100 is the best scanner on the market and the flagship scanner from the largest police scanner manufacturer in the world, Uniden.

The simulcast capabilities are one of a kind and you can buy add-ons for NXDN, DMR & ProVoice.

Basically, this scanner can pick up everything possible (barring encryption and private OpenSky systems) no matter where you live.

There are a plethora of features that make this the best scanner, but the big two are:

Everyone at Zip Scanners owns an SDS100 for personal use and, needless to say, we’re kinda into scanners. The SDS100 is flat-out unbeatable. We love it and we’re confident you will too. It’s a little more expensive than the competing manufacturer, Whistler, but a great investment if you want to be set for years to come.

What are software upgrades?

Software upgrades are a subset of digital modes of transmission that affect individual frequencies and, often, countywide trunking systems. If your area, or an individual frequency that you wish to monitor utilizes these modes of transmission, you must purchase the upgrade(s) associated with that county/talk group in order to monitor those broadcasts.

We can look this up for you here.

Upgrades can be made directly from Uniden, but we do not provide support on upgrades if we do not install them.

What's simulcast?

Check out this full explanation of simulcast. If your area is affected, you must purchase a simulcast capable scanner.

We can look this up for you here.

Will this come with the larger battery?

Yes. There was a smaller, weaker battery when the SDS100 launched in 2018, which has since been updated and replaced with a larger battery.

What do SDS100 buyers say?
  • Simulcast distortion monitoring works as advertised.
  • The SDS100 is 25-50% faster than the BCD436HP or TRX-1.
  • SD card placement is better than the BCD436HP.
  • The SDS100 is much more sensitive & can pick up weak signals from far away.
  • Able to charge & run at the same time, unlike the BCD436HP.
  • Customizable color screen is easier to see than the black & white BCD436HP display.
  • The stock antenna is just OK. Uniden degraded the antenna to get certified as waterproof. This on-set antenna increases range up to 100%.
  • If the knob (multi-function, volume/squelch scroll) is not functioning properly, pull the knob off & reattach.
  • New battery tends to get hot and doesn't consistently last 8 hours, as Uniden suggests.