Will the BCD160DN work in my area?

Are you a railroad and aircraft aficionado? If you are, the BCD160DN and BCD260DN might just be what you’re looking for in a conventional Analog Scanner with NXDN and DMR already updated.
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Why should I buy the BCD160DN?

Uniden’s newest release of scanners with the BCD160DN and BC260DN as an upgraded version of the BC125AT makes this scanner perfect for anyone interested in Nascar, Railroad, Air traffic control, weather alerts etc. With programming capabilities of 1000 channels and 10 banks(100 channels per bank), this is recommended to those that will use multiple channels for nascar, aviation and railfans. 

Can I charge the batteries from the scanner when it is on?

No. You must power off the scanner to charge. We recommend an external battery charger and 2 sets of rechargeable AA batteries; all of which can be added on this page. This way you can always have a fresh set of batteries. The batteries we sell last about 8 hours on a single charge; Energizer/Duracell last about 5 hours.

Will the BCD160DN be released anytime soon?

Uniden has scheduled the release for the first quarter this year(2024). We expect to have confirmation by the end of February or early March and have already started taking backorders. 


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