I need a digital scanner, why should I buy the TRX-2?

The TRX-2 is the newest scanner on the market and comes with several minor updates on older scanners, including faster processing. NXDN is a long sought after format to monitor—the TRX is the only base/mobile scanner capable of monitoring this.

When will the TRX-2 go on sale?

We don't know. Whistler does not disclose when they will be dropping prices and even when prices do drop, it is usually only $5 -$10. You can sign up for our emails & we'll keep you posted.

Additional Memory?

You can add a larger memory (SD card) to increase favorites lists and recording space. Recording time by SD card size:

  • 2 GB = 6 hours
  • 4 GB = 12 hours
  • 8 GB = 24 hours
  • 16 GB = 50 hours
  • 32 GB = 100 hours
  • 64 GB = 200 hours
Why is the faceplate removable?

Security. If you install in your vehicle you can remove the faceplate so it does not get stolen. Think 1990's era CD player.

What do TRX-2 buyers say?
  • Does not have WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities.
  • LAN capable.
  • Not GPS capable.