The TRX-1 includes a hard case with two snap-in inserts in gray and green.

Whistler is the Apple of scanners in terms of protection and color options.

Right up until the Uniden SDS100 launched in June 2018, the TRX-1 was our top selling scanner of 2016 and 2017.

Customer feedback on the TRX-1 has been overwhelmingly positive.

All of our internal staff sampled this scanner when it launched in that's why our stock count has been off by five for four years(?)


Battery & Powering Scanner

The TRX-1 is not powerful enough to charge batteries.

The solution is an external 4 bay AA battery charger, which you can add on this page.

We STRONGLY recommend all buyers add this. Some buy 2 sets of batteries so they always have a fresh set.