What kind of plastic is this?

A clear plastic film.

Are these scratchproof?

No. While durable, nothing is scratch-proof. It's a screen protector, not a force field.

Why should I buy this?

Most scanners are $500-$700, so springing a few extra bucks to protect the screen from scratches seems like a slam dunk of an idea.

How do I apply?

See video above for step-by-step instructions that you can follow along with. Pause and rewatch as you are applying.

I messed up while applying, can you send me a new one?

No, this is why we sell screen protectors as a 3 pack.

Wait, is this just a piece of plastic?


I bought this and was expecting something different, can you give me my money back?

No, normal RMA process with restocking fee applies. There are images and text on this page showing exactly what this product is and is not. If you have ideas on how we can clarify this page for future buyers, send them our way and we'll add: zip@zipscanners.com