Our Christmas sale provides 100% what is needed to gift the perfect scanner. Whether for yourself or someone you love this will give them everything needed including lifetime, FREE, tech support.

Buying this gift for Dad and don't want do tech support remotely for him on a device that's complicated? We made this for you! Buy this, "win" Christmas gifting, and he can call us if he needs help. Easy peasy.

Sale includes:

    2. FREE programming (BOGO)
    3. One touch start-up
    4. 4 GB SD Card
    5. Antenna (Rubber Duck)
    6. miniUSB to USB Cable
    7. Belt Loop
    8. Case with green and gray inserts
    9. Guide
    10. EZ Scan Software
    11. 4 AA Batteries
    12. AC Adapter
    13. External Battery Charger
    14. Remtronix antenna (far superior than stock)
    15. 3x screen protectors
    16. Desktop stand