Best Emergency Communication Devices

Wildfires in California, hurricanes in Florida, derechos in Iowa, twisters in Tornado Alley, and earthquakes in, uh...California.


Wherever you are, natural disasters are more prevalent today than ever before.


The beauty of radio technology is that it keeps everyone connected, and in times of natural crisis, that's more important than anything else.


Communication and gathering information during an emergency is important to survival & preparing for this could save your life.


Having an emergency communication plan is important and choosing the correct communication device(s) is a big part of planning.


There are seven types of emergency communication devices (aside from radios and TVs) to choose from, and while none are perfect, below we compare each.


Infographic note: The Uniden BCD436HP is no longer the best police scanner radio for emergency communication. The Uniden SDS100 supplanted the BCD436HP in 2018 and is the scanner we recommend in times of peril.

Emergency Communication Devices Compared | All 6 Options

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