1. Antenna
  2. Coax Cable
  3. Mount
  4. Hand Free Scanner Mount
Scanner Antenna

To monitor all formats you'll want a wideband, omni-directional antenna. We have 2 options, both of which are great, and the big difference (besides cost) is the Laird antenna is more for heavy-duty use, like commercial vehicles. We recommend the Comtelco as it's far less expensive & smaller. Scroll down to the 'compare' tab for a side-by-side comparison with all technical specs.

Coax Cable

Choose the length of cable to suit your needs. All coax is terminate with SMA male, which works with all scanners. Recommended coax length usage for reference:

  • 10 feet - all cars, small trunks and some larger vehicles with mount location near cab.
  • 20 feet - large trucks, semis & some trunk mount installations.
  • 50 feet - installations on the back of a very long trailer. This is very rarely used.
Antenna Mount

Choose mount location and buy the appropriate mount.

Hands Free Scanner Mount

If you're using a non-permanent scanner in your vehicle, we highly recommend a hands free device. Besides the convenience, hands free mounts improve safety while you drive. These mounts have 'teeth' larger than smartphone hands-free devices, so your scanner will stay put and won't slide out.