The Uniden BC-SGPS GPS receiver is the perfect solution for users who spend a lot of time on the road.

The BC-SGPS provides a GPS signal/location in time to a Uniden scanner that does not have access to a GPS source (internal or external). You can connect this module kit directly to a scanner or CB radio or to a converter unit (included). The converter unit connects the GPS unit to scanners with USB, DB9, or other custom jacks.

This device will automatically change frequencies as you drive, so you won't need to reprogram your scanner every time you cross into a different county. It can easily be attached to the rooftop or dash of any vehicle. This works with all GPS capable scanners. Device comes with connector (BC-UTGC) which some retailers sell for $35+ separate from the GPS device.

GPS is compatible with the following digital police scanners:

Product Overview:

  • The included cables allow for easy connection.
  • Universal Serial GPS Receiver.
  • Use for Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS).
  • Replaces the BC-GPSK Accessory
  • BC-SGPS Owner's Manual