Priced $699.99?

All vendors have a floor price of $699.99, so you will not find the SDS200 cheaper elsewhere—this is the lowest possible price. In addition to getting rock-bottom-pricing, we offer free shipping, and provide lifetime tech support.

SDS200 Tech Specs?

The SDS200 is the base version of the extremely popular SDS100 and they operate almost exactly the same, so if you're looking for a bit more info, the SDS100 product page is a great place to start.

Software Upgrades?

Our device page has a widget at the top that will tell you if you need any of the software upgrades on the left sidebar. If you purchase any software upgrades with your SDS200, our experts will install the upgrades so your SDS200 will be all set up when it arrives. If you'd like, you can DIY for less by purchasing upgrades directly from Uniden once you've received your scanner.

What do SDS200 buyers say?
  • Does not have WiFi, but it does have an Ethernet port—which is more reliable than the WiFi capabilities of its predecessor, the BCD536HP.
  • Looks great installed in the dashboard of vehicles and comes with mounting brackets and gear.
  • No built in GPS (must buy separate Uniden Universal GPS device).
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote streaming and control.
  • Uniden Siren App is hit or miss with the LAN cable. Buyers report poor audio and delayed feed.
  • There is a hum or buzz in the internal speaker and sometimes the audio cuts out mid-transmission (this has since been resolved with the third generation roll-out).