This racing radio headset by Koss is ideal for listening to your scanner at a race, airshow, or train yard. The Koss Premium Racing Headset is an upgrade over the Race Day Electronics NASCAR Racing Headset and low-profile earbuds.

Product specs:

  • Passive noise reduction headphones
  • Neodymium magnet structures deliver outstanding clarity & definition
  • Closed pneumalite(Tm) ear cushions & extra secure headband seal ears, eliminate all ambient noise
  • Volume control on ear cup allows easy level adjustment
  • Stereo/Mono switch extends user flexibility
  • Passive noise reduction stereophone system isolates listener from ambient sounds
  • Works with 2 Way Headset Splitter

The QZ99 headphones feature individual volume control for each ear, with a standard 1/8" mono jack cord, and are thickly cushioned across the headband for comfort. Great for using all day at the races. 8.6 x 4.1 x 8.4 inches; 1.6 pounds.