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Unication Programming

› Having trouble navigating PPS? We can help!

› Mail-In Programming for all Unication pagers

› Programming issues are the #1 reason for returns

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Have your police scanner professionally programmed by our expert police scanner technicians. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all programming. This service is for those that already have a Unication pager. If you're buying a new pager we offer programming on all pagers. You can add programming from the Unication Pagers product page.

There is only one way to have your Unication pager programmed:

› Mail-In Programming
› Programmed SD Card

Click on the tabs below to learn more about programming and see the differences.

Specifics & Compare

Mail In Pager Programming

Box up your pager, mail to us and we'll take care of the rest.


Included with Mail In Programming Service:

› Firmware update
› Frequency database update
› Complete initial software setup
› Creation of Zones/Knobs for Law, Fire and EMS for as many talk groups as you choose
› Configuration of scanner settings to specification
› Overview of software and programming

Benefits of Mail In Programming

› Programming is the #1 reason scanners are returned - this is alleviated
› We have your scanner so we will take care of everything; once you get back, simply power on & you're good to go


Can I programming this scanner myself?

We created a programming decision tree as well as programming videos (above) to help you decided on whether you should include professional programming with your scanner but we HIGHLY recommend adding programming.


How long does this take?

› SD Card - You will receive your card 2-4 business days after you order. All cards ship via USPS from Minneapolis.
› Mail In - 1-2 business days once we receive.


What if this does not work?

We have a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you’re not happy with the result.


So I just mail in my scanner?

Yes, box up your scanner along with all cables and ship to us. Add a second shipping label from us back to you, write down the tracking number and you can follow it's progress. We have you create the 2nd shipping label as the cost of this varies greatly based on scanners(s), box shape, method and your location. To make this as easy and inexpensive for everyone, we have you create the return shipping label and put in the box when you ship to us.


How are you so much cheaper than other programming places?

We’re awesome. Also, we have a full time programming expert and other places ship their scanners to us for us to program. They charge more and you get this exact same thing.


Can you program X, Y, Z?

We can program anything that is Radio Reference. If you have frequencies that are not in Radio Reference, as long as you can put them in a CSV file, we can program them.


Additional Memory?

You can add a larger memory (SD card) to increase favorites lists and recording space. Only applicable to scanners that have SD cards. Recording time by SD card size:

› 2 GB Card = 6 hours
› 4 GB Card = 12 hours
› 8 GB Card = 24 hours
› 16 GB Card = 50 hours
› 32 GB Card = 100 hours
› 64 GB Card = 200 hours


Free Unication Programming?

We will program up to 10 frequencies for free with purcahase of any Unication.


Frequencies not Counties?

This is confusing - don't worry! Chat with a Unication expert and we can let you know. Short answer: We use the Radio Reference database and however many frequencies from here you'd like programmed is how we charge.


Scanner Programming Overview

Programming is the #1 concern of potential police scanner buyers. Each scanners' programming is unique & we added how-to's on each scanner product page showing how to program that particular scanner. We recommend following the decision tree graphic below & watching programming videos to determine whether you should have your scanner professionally programmed. All scanners we sell offer programming & we can program any police scanner. 90% of all scanner sales include programming either at purchase or post sale.

One Touch Start Up

Adding the one touch startup along with programming allows our technicians to make hardware, software & frequency updates. There is a lag from production till when you get your scanner and with the 'one touch start up' our technicians will make all updates. You can buy only the programming which will give you everything needed to listen in your area. The 'one touch start up' is popular with those that do not have access to a computer, those that buy as a gif or those that just want their scanner to 'work' without having to do anything but power on. Note that the 'one touch start up' may add 2 days to delivery.



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