Phase 2 Digital Police Scanner Comparison


Since we created this graphic, new scanners have come on the market, compare all police scanners by format by clicking on one of these links:

Digital Phase 2 Police Scanners
Digital Phase 1 Police Scanners
Trunking Police Scanners
Analog Police Scanners



Compare Digital Police Scanner Radios, APCO 25, P25, Phase II, TDMA, Phase 2


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Other names for phase 2 police scanner radios include APCO 25, Phase II & TDMA. There are 4 phase 2 digital police scanner radios on the market. Uniden’s HomePatrol-2, BCD536HP, BCD436HP &  Whistler’s WS1080 (the Whistler WS1095 is coming in spring of 2015). You can purchase all of these from Zip Scanners.

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    1. Good question Michael, this question comes up quite a bit. The Siren App has been bumped back several times (over a year now) and is still in development. Here is link to a page on Radio Reference where they update their progress:

      Uniden is looking at Q1 of 2015 but as this has continually been delayed it’s hard to say at this point. If you sign up for our newsletter we’ll certainly update everyone as soon as we hear any news. We’re looking forward to using this ourselves.

      Thanks Michael! 1st question on this thread.

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