How to Buy a Police Scanner

How to buy a police scanner



Step 1

Find the Correct Scanner Format


Choosing the correct format is the most important (& confusing) part of buying a police scanner. Formats types:

Digital Phase 2
Digital Phase 1
› Encrypted


What Format Do I Need?

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Where you live & what you want to listen to determines what format you need. Additionally, every county, State, agency & business is different. To add to the confusion; these change.


Format Facts

› All communication is moving to phase 2 digital.
› Encrypted signals cannot be picked up on any scanner.
› Some scanner formats can pick up more than one format; see chart below.
Phase 2 digital scanners can pick up all formats (phase 2, phase 1, trunked & analog), phase 1 digital scanners can pick up (phase 1, trunked & analog), trunked scanners can pick up (trunked & analog), analog scanners can only pick up analog.


How to Buy A Police Scanner - Frequency Chart for all Scanner Types


Step 2

Choose Police Scanner Type


There are 3 types of police scanners. Click below to view all police scanners for that type.


Home police scanner
Handheld police scanner
Vehicle police scanner


Step 3

Compare & Choose A Police Scanner


Now that you’ve narrowed your search by format & type you can compare scanners. There is a side-by-side comparison on each scanner page under ‘Specifics & Compare’. There is no shortage of things to compare on scanners; some of the most popular considerations are:

› Price
› Brand – Whistler or Uniden
› Programming
› Memory


Step 4

What To Buy With Your Police Scanner


› What accessories to buy varies greatly based on the scanner you buy.
› On each product page under ‘Accessories’ all accessories for that particular scanner are listed as well as a brief ‘Why Buy’ & ‘Percent of Sales That Include This Accessory’.


Step 5

Buy & Enjoy Scanning


Now the fun part – listening to your scanner!


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