Ham Radio Crib Notes

Amateur radio operators (AKA “hams”) are sort of like the outlaws of the radio world. They operate on the fringes, well outside of the accepted mainstream bands, chatting about whoever and whatever they want, wherever they want, on their own time, following their own rules. They use their homemade rigs to wrangle the rodeo bull of free and open radio communication, then ride off into the sunset on their no-name palomino horse made of airwaves…

Okay, that metaphor is a little dramatic, but the point is that ham radio operators are super cool, and we support them in all their independent radio efforts. After all, where would police scanners be without the ham community’s passion and dedication to renegade radio activity?

Yes, we love hams here at Zip. Which is why we made this handy amateur radio cheatsheet. We hope it serves as a shortcut to helpful codes, lingo, and whatever else in your own personal ham radio journey!

Ham Radio Crib Notes

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