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Emergency Communication Devices

Fires in California, hurricanes in North Carolina, earthquakes in, uh, California…wherever you are, it goes without saying that natural disasters are more prevalent today than ever before. The beauty of radio technology is that it keeps everyone connected, and in times of natural crisis, that’s more important than anything else. Communication and gathering information during … Continue reading Emergency Communication Devices

How to Program a Whistler Police Scanner

If you’re the proud owner of a shiny new Whistler police scanner and have a burning desire to program that thing within an inch of its life, look no further. Here you’ll find our playlist of Whistler programming videos, in which we walk you through the basics of loading programming configurations to your scanner. On … Continue reading How to Program a Whistler Police Scanner

How to Program a Uniden Police Scanner

Just cracked open your brand spanking new Uniden police scanner and trying to figure out how to get that puppy positively purring with perfunctory police pow-wows? You’re in the right spot. On this page we’ll show you the 3 step process: › How to Download & Install Sentinel Software › How to Connect Scanner & Computer › Sentinel … Continue reading How to Program a Uniden Police Scanner

Ham Radio Crib Notes

Amateur radio operators (AKA “hams”) are sort of like the outlaws of the radio world. They operate on the fringes, well outside of the accepted mainstream bands, chatting about whoever and whatever they want, wherever they want, on their own time, following their own rules. They use their homemade rigs to wrangle the rodeo bull … Continue reading Ham Radio Crib Notes

Police Scanner Programming – Can I Do On My Own?

People always ask us if they can program their police scanner themselves, to which we always reply, “I don’t know…can you?” Just kidding! We don’t say that. But we do understand the impulse to want to program your scanner yourself. It saves money, gives you greater control over what your scanner will pick up, and … Continue reading Police Scanner Programming – Can I Do On My Own?

Phase 2 Digital Police Scanner Comparison

Whether you’re new to the hobby or have been scanning since the Carter administration, picking out the best police scanner in 2019 can be described in one word: CONFUSING. Long-time scannerheads are thrown off by the all the changes to radio technology that have taken place over the past couple decades, and newbies, well, can’t … Continue reading Phase 2 Digital Police Scanner Comparison

Whistler TRX-1 How to Adjust Sound & Light

“How do I turn the volume up on this thing?” We get this question from new TRX-1 owners almost every single day. Everyone loves the scanner, but popular opinion seems to be that its volume controls (and similar settings) are tricky to find at first. That’s why we made a video to breezily guide you … Continue reading Whistler TRX-1 How to Adjust Sound & Light

Top 100 hf Frequencies

Holy airband, Batman! Here’s a handy list of the 1000 HF frequencies with the most radio traffic. Tune into them on any analog or newer scanner! 2003        Intership Safety and Operations Simplex               Marine    Great Lakes             USB 2065        Business and Operational Simplex         Marine    Nationwide             USB 2079        Business and Operational Simplex         Marine    Nationwide             USB 2082        Intership Safety and Operations Simplex               Marine    Nationwide             USB        Also, intership non‑commercial fishing 2093        Intership Safety and Operations Simplex               Marine    Nationwide             USB 2096        Business and … Continue reading Top 100 hf Frequencies

Police Codes Explained

Police codes are used by law enforcement to keep communication succinct–similar to acronyms in any industry. Definitions vary wildly by State & even precinct. In 2016, the US government recommended the use of everyday language to avoid confusion due to lack of standardization. Find your local police codes as they vary regionally. Watch this police … Continue reading Police Codes Explained

Uniden Scanner Videos

Watch Uniden scanner videos below, buy here, or

Whistler Scanner Videos

Watch Whistler scanner videos below, buy here, or

Compare Police Scanners

Comparing police scanners? Consider yourself tuned into the right frequency. We know these things can be confusing, so we do whatever we can to make sure you pick the right one for your situation. Exhibit A: This page, where you can find all the important technical details of our scanner selection for your browsing and … Continue reading Compare Police Scanners