Want the SDS100 sale but don't want to wait till we're back in stock?

This is for you.

2 steps:

  1. Buy the SDS100 on Amazon here
  2. Buy everything else on this page

We'll ship you everything BUT the scanner & provide lifetime tech support.


Why does Amazon have stock and not Zip Scanners?

We're not happy about it but as a small family-owned company there is nothing we can do as Amazon and Uniden are HUGE public companies and we're 3 people.

When do you expect to receive SDS100 stock?

Every 4-6 weeks.

In 2022 this has been the timeline and we are able to fulfill all backorders and have a few additional SDS100s that sell out in hours.

Why buy the sale without the SDS100?

You still get all the extras you'd get with the sale at the same price including the free scanner stand and BOGO programming as well as lifetime tech support.

Why wait?

Amazon charges taxes and we only do in 5 States ($50-100ish).

No One Touch Start Up (you may need to make software upgrades, set clock and a few small items).

We are not able to make software upgrades - you will need to update on your own.

You'd be helping our small business.

You want us to buy from Amazon?


But Amazon has stock (sometimes) and we do not.

We want to be honest that you can buy today and not wait.

Some folks are fine waiting - others are not.


We will program an SD card and include with the other items we ship, simply replace existing SD card in the SDS100 and you're set - easy peasy.